Aha! Tutoring

Understanding is Everything

Aha! Tutoring works with students to help them gain a fundamental understanding and insight into schoolwork.  

In mathematics, many teachers focus on giving students rules to follow rather than fundamental understanding of key principles.  We aim to give students these insights.  

In english, we focus on understanding writing skills and developing these skills.

Welcome to Aha! Tutoring


Aha Tutoring provides high-quality and affordable private in-home tutoring services for students.

Our tutoring specialties include:


We work with a broad array of students, including those that want to keep up excellent grades, are in need of demanding enrichment courses or are experiencing problems at their school. By guiding students that stand out as pupils, Aha Tutoring ensures that they gain the faith and talents required to succeed in your home, at classroom and also in their future jobs.

Our unique technique begins with a FREE OF COST, comprehensive appraisal. This analysis aims to pinpoint any problem areas in mathematics and reading. Once we have the results of the evaluation for your student, a customized learning game plan is developed to ensure academic success as the student progresses.

Call for a free consultation and to schedule a free session:  (408)475-2450